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Disaster Management Affairs

To effectively coordinate the implementation of disaster risk management programmes through overseeing disaster prevention,mitigation,preparedness,response and recovery activities. Read More

Printing Services

To be leaders in the provision of quality printing services through the use of modern technology and professional and competent staff in order to contribute to the sustainable socio- economic development of the country. Read More

Performance Enforcement Department

To provide an efficient and effective oversight, coordination and supervision of MDAs to enhance performance in the delivery of quality public services Core values are Professionalism: Read More

Human Resource Management

To foster and sustain a high quality and result-oriented public service through systematic development and implementation of equitable, sound human and institutional management policies, strategies, practices and systems in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Read More

Central Government Stores

To procure and supply good quality and value for money goods and services to all public sector institutions through maintenance of high standards and professionalism in supply chain.... Read More

Public Events

The department`s core mandate is to organize presidential functions. i.e. functions involving the President, the first Lady and the Vice President. .....Read More

Statutory Corporations

To ensure state corporations’ optimal resource allocation, utilization and management in order to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services to the public and maximise complementary goods and services provision across .....Read More

Government Contracts Unit

To provide leadership in contracts and concessions management to ensure optimal contracts and concessions performance, value for money, timeliness and cost effectiveness for the betterment of the people of Malawi. Read More

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