Department of Human Resource Management & Development


In support of Government’s aspirations, this Strategic Plan has maintained the vision for DHRMD which is:

“A high quality and result-oriented Public Service”


The mission statement for DHRMD has been maintained as follows:

“To foster and sustain a high quality and result-oriented public service through systematic development and implementation of equitable, sound human and institutional management policies, strategies, practices and systems in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness”

Core Values

In pursuit of DHRM&D’s strategic vision, mission, goals and objectives, and in line with government priorities and stakeholder aspirations, all employees uphold the core values which set the ideal behavioral standards. These are:

(1) Professionalism

We shall discharge our duties with a high degree of integrity in keeping with ethical standards

(2) Innovation

We shall encourage responsible risk-taking and innovation to instil the spirit of   DHRM&D as a learning organization.

(3) Transparency and Accountability

We shall discharge our services in an open manner and shall be accountable   for our actions.

(4) Networking

We believe in shared stewardship and responsibility and the importance of working and collaborating with other stakeholders in order to achieve our Vision.

(5) Adaptive, Dynamic and Responsive

We are committed to be responsive to changing needs and circumstances in order to provide a better service to the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.


Contact us

The Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Office of the President and Cabinet, Capital Hill Circle, Private Bag 301, Capital City, Lilongwe 3, Malawi.

Tel: +2651789311 / +2651789 411


National Action Plan (NAP) for Open Government Partnership (OGP) 2023 - 2025