Current Vice President since May 2014





Saulos Klaus Chilima is the current Vice-President of Malawi since 2014. In the May 2014 presidential election, he was the running mate of Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Peter Mutharika. He was born on February 12th 1973 in Ntcheu District, Malawi. He is a Malawian economist and politician. He holds a Master of Arts in Economics – University of Malawi (2003-2005), Bachelor of Social Sciences, Computer Science & amp; Economics – University of Malawi (1990-1994) and currently reading for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Business Management with University of Bolton.







  1. Introduction:
  3. Vision
  5. Strategic Direction

The Office of the Vice President was established through an ACT of Parliament NO. 26 of 23rd November, 1994. The Presidents (Salaries and Benefits) Act 1994 provides for benefits to the Vice President.

The mission is to promote good governance and public management in order to create an environment conducive to the implementation of government programs aimed at improving the standard of living for the Malawian people and contribute to the overall social-economic development of the country.

 A resourceful and responsive governance and public management system.

 ii).        Accountability

 iii).       Transparency

 iv).       Independence

 V).        Professionalism

 vi.        Customer care


Office of the Vice President is also rensponsible for the following portfolios

 1           The Office of the Disaster Management Affairs

 2            Government Print

 3            Government Stores

 4            National Public Events

Design, promote and implement Malawi’s Development Agenda.

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