The Transport Sector is identified as a key sector for the improvement the country’s economy. Government places high priority on the development of transport infrastructure and the protection of existing infrastructure to facilitate trade locally and regionally for socio-economic development. Transportation and access to services is considered an important factor of economic growth as it facilitates growth in other sub sectors such as mining, tourism, and manufacturing.

Transportation and access to services is widely considered to be fundamental factor of economic growth in most revenue generating sub-sectors like mining, tourism, and manufacturing. Poor road transport networks limit opportunities that rural people have to access to good markets to improve their economic situation. higher transport cost for agricultural inputs and agricultural produce, lack of demand for non-agricultural services. Long distances coupled with poor and unaffordable, and sometimes unavailable, transport systems have been cited among the major constraints for agricultural marketing but also significantly account for poor access to social amenities such as health, education and other facilities especially in rural areas where on aggregate the largest proportion of economic production takes place.

Government has placed high priority on transport infrastructure development to facilitate national trade, regional trade and provide access to social services. The transport infrastructure is among the prerequisites for economic growth.

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